伟大的领袖始于学院. Take the next step on your journey to a well-rounded education designed so you can make your impact on the world.


Highly-awarded 皇冠新现金网 offers an education that doesn’t simply teach, 它塑造性格, 激情, 和毅力.  从连接到  美国宇航局太空发射 和 华特迪士尼公司, our students are using their 学院 values to change their workplaces 和 the world. It’s time to become someone more 和 学院 has everything you need to rise to w在这里 your future wants you to go.





  • 招生过程是怎样的?

    We know that the application process can seem daunting. Rest assured, your admissions team is ready to assist you.   We strive to make the admissions process easier than ever, so we can get you on your way towards achieving your goals. From a test-optional admissions policy to college admissions interview questions, 学院 is committed to a simple admissions journey that works with you—every step of the way. Meet our admissions team 和 share your biggest questions 在这里. 你不会孤单的, 和 we’ll work hard to ensure you’re not overwhelmed—that’s the 皇冠新现金网 admissions way.

  • Does 皇冠新现金网 still require the SAT/ACT

    For most majors 皇冠新现金网 no longer requires the SAT/ACT. Some caveat majors still require an official test score. 访问“申请”页面 有关详细信息,.

  • 招生团队真正想要的是什么?

    The truth is, at 皇冠新现金网, admissions isn’t a magical equation. 现金娱乐网注册在寻找有个性的人, committed to learning who want to elevate their communities 和 the world. What college admissions offices really want is to see the whole individual you are—和 learn through your applicant portfolio about how you are different, what you are 激情ate about 和 how you hope to live your 激情 out loud. We often are asked, “how do admissions officers decide which students to accept.” We believe it’s simple: Showcase your authentic self 和 share your 激情. 剩下的就简单了.

准备好留下你的印记. 在圣弗朗西斯探索你的未来




Are you ready to join a community of values-driven world-changers, 社区建设者和追梦者?  看看怎样才能应用.
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  • 你的旅程从学院开始

    当你从圣弗朗西斯开始, 你接受了全面的教育,触动心灵, 身体和精神. 你还在等什么? The time is now to connect with your future 和 start your undergraduate learning.


    To receive full consideration for admission 和 merit scholarships, we suggest you complete the application by May 1st of your senior year.  现金娱乐网注册实行滚动录取制度.  A completed application 和 official transcripts are needed.  有些专业需要SAT/ACT成绩.  请参阅此处的测试可选策略


    皇冠新现金网 is a Common Application school.  Students may choose to apply via the Common Application 在这里

  • The next step in your career starts with 皇冠新现金网.

    Whether you’re furthering your career or getting ready to accomplish a life-long dream, 皇冠新现金网 offers dozens of choices to help you reach your goal—right from the comfort of your home. Enrollment in graduate studies is h和led through individual academic departments. Contact the program you are applying to for admission criteria, 最后期限, 以及学习细节的程序. 研究生的学费和费用因项目而异.




  • 与圣弗朗西斯重新开始

    The time is now to make the transition 和 make your dreams of starting new a reality at Saint 弗朗西斯. 充分利用现金娱乐网注册慷慨的转帐程序, 转移奖学金, complimentary evaluations 和 an admissions team st和ing by to answer all your questions.



    • Transfer students are admitted on a rolling admission basis. 
    • Students are required to submit their application for admission 和 official transcripts from each institution they have earned credits, 包括他们的高中. 
    •  大学入学许可表格 可能需要.    

    可能会适用某些部门特定的调职政策.  请皇冠新现金网的招生团队寻求指导.  We do not accept transfer students into the Physician Assistant Department.  Students may apply interdisciplinary health care studies, pre-physician assistant.

  • 无论你在哪里,学院都有合适的课程

    学院 部门 of Professional Studies is w在这里 innovation meets flexibility. 每学期有多次开学, 弗朗西斯Worldwide提供滚动启动, 这是现金娱乐网注册对学生最灵活的课程. It’s time to elevate your learning, workplace, 和 community. 


  • 学院覆盖全球

    从台湾到毛伊岛, 从堪萨斯到智利, 皇冠新现金网 students come from all over the globe to learn at one of the oldest 弗朗西斯can Universities in the United States. Offering small class sizes 和 state-of-the-art facilities, 学院既美丽又安全,也很友好. 与学院招生团队一起寻找你的未来:  






High school students have several opportunities to get a head start 和 earn college credits before they graduate. Our supportive environment makes 学院 a great place to excel even before you grab that high school diploma.  


You’ve done an excellent job at teaching your student values 和 hard-work. 现金娱乐网注册是来帮助他们为下一步做准备的.   Know that the University seeks parents as a key ingredient for student success.  It's a recipe that we're proud to say has produced thous和s of successful graduates. 
你准备好帮助你的孩子成为更多的人了吗? 探索现金娱乐网注册的父母 常见问题解答.  



More than 95% of all full-time students receive financial assistance.  奖学金 are available to transfer students, adult learners 和 more.  



皇冠新现金网 was named #8 "Best bang for the buck" according to 《现金娱乐网注册》 杂志



99% of 皇冠新现金网 grads are employed or in grad school within nine months of graduation

“我很高兴我做出了去学院的决定. I am doing so much better in school since I came 在这里 after Edinboro, the faculty 和 student relationship is unlike anything I’ve seen.”



对申请有疑问? It’s time for you to become exactly who you’ve been wanting to be 和 we’re 在这里 to get you t在这里. The 皇冠新现金网 admissions team can assist you through the enrollment process every step of the way.