皇冠新现金网, almost every discipline incorporates 研究 into the student experience. It isn't uncommon to see students as early as their freshman year working alongside a Ph.D. 在重要的项目上提供教师指导. 




The goal of the 学生研究办公室 is to foster the culture of student 研究 at 皇冠新现金网 at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.  Student 研究 has become an important part of the academic experience in all four of the university's academic schools.  该办公室旨在庆祝现金娱乐网注册校园的研究工作

  • Student 研究 provides the opportunity for our students to learn outside the classroom, and to use their skills during the summer months when they can concentrate on conducting 研究 and working together with a faculty mentor and with other students.  Student 研究 can be a transformational experience for students when working on an independent project, 他们可以在哪里探索他们感兴趣的话题.
  • 学生研究辅助与现金娱乐网注册的毕业生毕业后安置.  It has helped them with securing interviews with potential employers as 研究 can compensate for required years of experience in industry. It makes them stand out from the large pool of applicants for various professional schools and makes them desired candidates for graduate school.  除了, 研究 and presentation of their 研究 at conferences helps students build a network of professional correspondences that will benefit them in their professional life.  


学生研究办公室每年资助50多个研究项目. 所有学科的学生都可以申请研究经费. 研究补助金可作下列用途:

  • 校园暑期住宿
  • 研究用品、设备、会议参与
  • 旅游/住宿 
  • 夏天的工资


  • Below are a list of current 研究 projects along with the faculty mentor
    • 运动员与非学生运动员(心理学,M. 潮湿)
    • 利用机载热成像技术实现流动可视化 (Environmental Engineering, M. 斯特罗姆)
    • The Effects Moon Jellyfish Have on the Biodegradation of Oil Spills (Biology, M. 草地)
    • Relationship between segmental LBM and various measures of muscular strength in healthy young adults (Master of Cancer Care, S. LoRusso)
    • 驱鲨剂的实用性(生物学,M. 草地)
    • 肌内效贴膜对膝关节稳定性的影响[j]. Kindel)
    • 克莱利法案(社会工作,M. Lynch)
    • 手性阳离子选择性冠醚的合成(化学,B. Hargittai)
    • Comparison of Methods Assessing Body Composition in Young Adults (Master of Cancer Care, K. Wisniewski)
    • Elemental and Surface Analysis of Klondike Coal Mine KL-2 Site (Chemistry, E. Zovinka)
    • Genetic Distribution of PPARGC1A and ACTN3 in College Students (Biology, S. 雷蒙)
    • Biological Mechanisms of Mood Regulation Disorders in CD-1 and C57BL6J Mice Strains (Psychology, S. Flaisher-Grinberg)
    • 2008年抵押贷款危机的进一步研究(经济学,E. Timmons)
    • 可预测的产前应激对小鼠行为的影响[j]. Flaisher-Grinberg)
    • Effects of static magnetic fields on wastewater treatment and electricity production in microbial fuel cells (Environmental Engineering, R. 瓦格纳)
    • Renewable Energy Development Feasibility Assessment of Past USDA REDA Recipients (Institute for Energy, A. Rohrs)
    • 社交媒体如何影响记忆技能(心理学,M. 潮湿)
    • 稳定球坐位对注意力的影响, 唤醒, 幼儿园学生的任务行为(职业治疗, J. 纳格尔)
    • Working Cued Recall with Semantic and Sensory Word Association (Psychology, M. 潮湿)
    • Hydroponic Rhizoremediation of Acid Mine Drainage Sites Utilizing Fallopia japonica and Typha angustifolia (Biology, G. 德鲁)
    • Metabolic Rates as Applied to Cold Tolerance Ability of the Autumn Meadowhawk, 毒舌虫(生物学, L. 洛亚)
    • 印度铁路工人在第二次世界大战中的作用(历史,A. Bose)
    • The Effect of the ILS Dreampad on Children with Sensory Disorders (Occupational Therapy, A. Hudkins)
    • Analysis of Peptide Self-Assembled Monolayer Packing Density Using Potassium Ferricyanide (Chemistry, R. 克拉克)
    • Lifestyle Behaviors and Muscular Strength in Young Adults (Master of Cancer Care, S. LoRusso)
    • 纸微流体装置的应用(化学,E. 走)
    • Continuous Instream Monitoring: The Study of the Frankstown and Little Juniata Branch of the Juniata River (Environmental Engineering, W. Strosnider)
    • 马塞勒斯页岩物性研究与储层建模, 石油与天然气工程硕士, Q. He)
    • Association between PPARGC1A and Markers of 健康 and Physical Fitness (Exercise Physiology, K. Wisniewski)
    • 线粒体转录因子A (TFAM)的纯化(化学,M. Hargittai)
    • Validating a filtration model for Moringa- modified sand used for water purification (Environmental Engineering, R. 瓦格纳)
    • Social Support: How it Affects Academic Stress in College Students (Psychology, M. 潮湿)
    • Totogalpa农用肥料堆肥优化研究, 尼加拉瓜(环境工程), R. 瓦格纳)
    • 中心城市矿山排水与污水协同处理试验, 宾州(环境工程), W. Strosnider)
    • Multistep Green Synthesis of LS-2616, a Clinical Drug Used to Treat Ocular Cancer (Chemistry, B. Hargittai)
    • 《皇冠新现金网》(历史,A. Bose)
    • Inducing and Neutralizing Algal Blooms with Kava Kava and Graviola Extracts (Biology, A. 斯坎兰)
    • Isolating a bacteriophage that is able to kill Oral bacteria that causes intestinal inflammations (Biology, J. 美国天宝)


The 大学预科研究学院 helps high school students better their understanding of 研究 and learning in a college environment. By working closely with 皇冠新现金网 undergraduates and faculty members on 研究 projects for twelve months, the high school students explore areas of interest and gain experiences and skills that will benefit them academically and professionally. The 研究 projects act as a catalyst introducing students to potential academic career paths.

The opportunities for student 研究 are not limited to a particular school or discipline. 这所大学的四所学院包括艺术学院 & Letters, Business, 健康 Sciences, and Sciences engage in student 研究. Students from a wide variety of disciplines take advantage of these opportunities. 2018年的研究课题有:

  • 酸性矿山排水地表可视化. 指导教师:博士. 爱德华Zovinka
  • Writing Empathy, Learning Compassion: The Emotional Life of a Hospice 健康 Care Professional. 指导教师:博士. 罗克珊娜Caza
  • 压力的神经科学. 指导老师: Dr. Shlomit Flaisher-Grinberg
  • 利用机载热成像技术实现流动可视化. 指导教师:Br. 马吕斯斯特罗姆
  • Effects of a sensory friendly classroom on Kindergarten children’s  attention skills during classroom tasks (fine motor, 视觉运动). 指导教师:博士. Julie Nagle和Dr. 詹妮弗Misiura
  • Comparing the Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Tripeptides to Traditional Peptide Synthesis Methods. 指导教师:博士. Balazs Hargittai